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Taba Legal Services is a firm of specialized and top-notch lawyers providing legal consultancy services as well as representing clients in court litigations and arbitration proceedings.
Upon its inception, the Firm primarily focused on shipping matters and maritime law based on the wide experience of its founding members in these areas, but in the course of its activity, by recruiting new partners specialized and experienced in various fields of legal practice, the firm is now in a position to provide legal services in a wide range of cases and legal fields. 
Relying on our extensive resources in terms of expertise and experience, we provide prompt high quality legal advice, and in this line, attach the highest priority to working closely with clients and understanding their business and legal requirements. Among our basic aims is to help clients in  resolving their disputes expeditiously and  without incurring undue costs and thus avoiding unnecessary litigation as far as possible; though when the elements of the case so require or if the clients so decide, we will represent with full force and dedication, our clients in court litigations and arbitration proceedings. 
The combination of our expertise and experience in various legal fields as well as our availing of a widely extended network of contacts, lawyers and specialists/experts both in the Iran and globally enables us to assure our clients of our rendering of the most cost- effective, stress- free, prompt and lasting solutions.
Our range of clients on the shipping side include ship-owners, charterers, operators, ship managers, brokers, commodity traders, insurance companies, P&I clubs, club correspondents, ship yards, ports, agencies and freight forwarders.
To corroborate our capability in finding effective solutions for our clients, we also benefit from the extensive knowledge and expert advice of a wide variety of qualified Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Marine engineers and other technical experts.
Working with a global network of experts and legal correspondents throughout the world, we are always contactable 24 hours/7days in the event of a casualty or for urgent advice.
On the corporate side we advise a diverse clients ranging from banks, financial institutes, trading and industrial companies, transportation and Oil& Gas companies, governmental enterprises to various professional service providers.
Further information on the details of our services will be available on request.
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