Faezeh Tabatabaei, is the honorary consul of Malta with jurisdiction over the Iran territory.
Honorary consul duties consist of monitoring the rights of Maltese residing in Iran, providing advice and guidance for distressed Maltese citizens in Iran who are temporarily abroad, and assisting them in their contacts with local authorities or the nearest Maltese embassy or consulate.
Certain types of notarized certificates can be acquired through an honorary consul. Together with diplomatic missions, an honorary consul promotes economic and cultural relations between Malta and Iran, and takes part in strengthening Malta's image abroad. An honorary consul is capable of giving advisory assistance to all Maltese companies in obtaining information on local business culture and in finding business partners in various fields of activities.

Mrs.F.Tabatabaei has all rights and authorized to perform all duties of a consul except affairs those pertaining to visa formalities, passports or issuance of birth/death certificates. While promoting trade between the two countries through their respective chambers of commerce is her main focus, she is the authorized person to attest all documents issued or executed in Iran for further use in the Island. 

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