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Legal opinion

Obtaining legal opinion in today's business  life is a MUST
Tabalegal  is a truly Iranian law firm, which has been trust worthy and reliable to its clients over the past years, to assist them to get a deep and real understanding of Iranian Legal system, Rules and Regulation when they are dealing with Iran.
It's also important to understand the risks and benefits in order for a foreigner to establish and /or  close a company, or to enter into business / contractual  relationship ,or start a legal proceedings or settle a claim amicably.
We have rendered Legal opinion in respect of Iranian Law in different fields like Transportation, tax regulations, license, investment funds, Labour Law, company set up, execution of foreign judgments / award, Mines, �
Tabalegal also gives counseling, respecting the due diligence ( legal, financial, taxation, commercial, technical, management, employment, pensions, environmental, tangible property and intellectual property ) which is a vital issue, to its clients.
Research projects

We have been involved in different research projects in respect of Maritime Law including Pollution in Iranian Legal system , how to implement CLC , change of flags and establishment of P&I club

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